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Team Vision    represents a team of qualified, experienced real estate agents in Michigan that share a common goal of making the buying and/or selling process seamless and exciting. We have the experience and knowledge to help clients in every aspect of Real Estate.  We believe in the traditional values of doing business, as our clientele has been built on word of mouth recommendations.  We take pride in first class customer service and years of experience

Meet Our Agents

David Capoferi

David Capoferi

I have been a licensed real estate agent since 1991 and enjoy my job as though it were a hobby. I have primarily worked in the distressed residential side of real estate which I feel has given me a great understanding of retail prices in our local market. Seeing the before and after of these properties as well as time on the market helps to gain a greater understanding of true value of the homes for our sellers.

I have been investing in real estate since 1991. I have built a portfolio of rentals as well as fixed and sold many distressed properties. As a former construction worker, I worked in the City of Detroit and became enamored with the architecture of the homes, not to mention the affordable pricing, this is what lead me to the real estate field. After purchasing my first rental I quickly became drawn to real estate not as just a hobby, but as a profession. Real estate is more than just a price for a house, there are numerous factors that need to be considered. Knowledge is the key to almost everything in life but the biggest key is to use it. I have plenty of knowledge to share and love to help educate my clients not for just now, but for future purchases as well. With many buyers staying in their homes less than 7 years, it is important to have more than just an idea of how real estate works, it is important for your agent to always be looking out for your best interest. My partners and I strive to not be your one and done agent. The members of Team Vision and myself care greatly about the people we serve, and hope that our knowledge, dedication and integrity, will lead to future business with them, as well as the friends and family that we hope they will refer to us.”

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Our unique approach will guarantee you a worry free purchase or sale.  We will listen to you and take the time to tailor our service to your needs.


This Market is constantly changing!  And each neighborhood is affected differently.  We offer you experience and knowledge of not only almost every area of Oakland County but Wayne and Macomb as well.  You can be confident you are in the right hands.


Get your payment estimator here.  Keep in mind to include a budget for taxes and insurance.  Call us to go over in detail what your options are!

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